For any successful business, order and organization play an important role. Data rooms are a great way to maintain clarity in company affairs and provide an easy way to store your data.

What are data room and its features

Virtual Data Room is a service that provides secure data exchange and storage in a company’s private cloud. The main function of this service is to provide secure access to certain information and documents to authorized users via a dedicated website, or via protected Agent-based applications for workstations.

During the workflow, many processes are going on simultaneously in the data room. Different employees perform tasks and assignments given to them, so it’s easy to get confused. A quality data room allows the room administrator to monitor all activities from start to finish.

So what are the main functions of a data room?

  • You control your level of document security, allowing only those you think should have access to it
  • Keep track of what other users do to see what documents are viewed and downloaded the most
  • Set a low, medium, or high priority for your requests
  • Create your request statuses as well

What is a data room index and why are they needed

A data room index is a document index that lists all documents in the VDR. Its functions are similar to the index within a book, it is used to find information more efficiently and can be very useful.

This function is necessary because a lot of information and documents accumulate during the due diligence. And with the help of the data room, it will be much less energy-consuming to perform this check than if the same process were performed with the actual document flow. However, this action may take even longer if the document indexes are not set correctly.

It is worth remembering that indexing documents are no big deal, especially when you consider the fact that the data room does this for you and you can only rearrange the index if you want to.

Indexing your documents correctly will make it much easier for your staff to find them. Just as a library organizes all books by title, author, and number order, you can index your documents simply by taking the time to organize them in VDR.

Some best practices for data rooms

Ensuring Security – Data room security is a big concern for all entrepreneurs because their business as a whole depends on it. Data room security includes periodic review of permission settings

2. Choose an intuitive VDR – VDRs should be easy to set up and navigate and allow you to add users without problems. VDRs should be of paramount importance, as complex checks are always time-consuming and users don’t always have time to learn too much detail

3. See what team members are looking at / working on – this can give important insights, e.g. it can help figure out any problems in the company and push for solutions